HKLife battles to develop diagnostic tests for COVID-19 海康为COVID-19开发诊断测试而战

HKLife battles to develop diagnostic tests for COVID-19

Both teams of HKLife, in Hong Kong and in Beijing, are working around the clock to develop sensitive and specific diagnostic tests for the new coronavirus COVID-19. Due to the epidemic crisis, the government rapidly put in place compulsory control measures for municipal transportation and postponed resumption to work. This meant that for outsourced experimental reagents, such as enzymes, primers, and reagents, either the items were out of stock or staff members still had not resumed work. Moreover, we could not gain access to viral samples to act as positive controls. All these external factors hindered our progress but our team undertook positive counter measures: where delivery was delayed, we went to pick up in person; where one supplier was out of stock, we contacted ten other suppliers; where necessary, we prepared the reagents ourselves; and we used synthesized plasmids for positive control. We overcame all these difficulties, and each member of the team continues to maintain an enthusiastic and fighting spirit. The test results are very promising and development of the diagnostic tests look close to success. We hope that our diagnosis platforms can help to resolve the urgent need for accurate diagnostics and contribute to the fight against the epidemic.

我们快成功了! 加油!

Hong Kong team 香港团队Left to right: Kaka KAR, Iris HO, Queenie FONG, Dr. Zhaoyang YE, Dr. Timothy HO, Dr. Jodie XU
从左至右:賈寶怡、何婉芳、方文君、叶朝阳 博士、何耀昌 博士、徐舟 博士
 Beijing team 北京团队
Left to right: Xiaotian LI、Hexin FEI、Nannan ZHAO、Jing HAN、Yingxiao LIAN、Fumeng LI、Dr. Huajian ZHAO、Qianqian AI、Yi YUE、June WANG、Dr. Xiaowei SHI、Yufen GUO
从左至右:李晓天、费鹤馨、赵楠楠、韩晶、廉迎晓、李付梦、赵化建 博士、艾倩倩、岳艺、王双艳、史小伟 博士、郭玉芬