– BioRadar®

BioRadar® – G series is a fully integrated instrument to automate the whole detection process, from sample extraction, on-chip reaction and detection to data processing.

After going through 4 generations of prototyping, HKLife is ready for delivering 5th generation BioRadar® – G series to the market soon.

In combination with EFADchip®, a complete BioRadar® System will revolutionize the clinical diagnosis.

Rapid: BioRadar® – G Series completes the whole diagnosis within 1 hour. Anxious and depressive waiting time aroused from traditional testing methods will be drastically shortened.

Accurate: BioRadar® – G Series runs the sample-in-result-out protocol and is fully automated. The diagnostic process will be human-error and mistake-free.

Safe: BioRadar® – G Series is fully automated and requires only minimal hands-on time. The samples are processed in a closed environment, reducing the chance of contamination and keeping everybody out of biohazard issues.

User-friendly: Automation reduces the requirement for operators. Technologist is not essential during the experimental process and diagnosis with BioRadar® – G Series is simple and reliable.

Smart: BioRadar® – G Series connects to cloud servers. The diagnostic network system allows a more comprehensive and accurate diagnosis with AI and Big Data.