Why BioRadar® System 

Diseases are always a worldwide healthcare burden, especially when we are talking about life-threatening situations like COVID-19, SARS, Zika, Dengue fever, HIV/AIDS, cancer, ischemic heart disease, stroke, etc. More than that, there are unknown threats such as WHO’s proposed Disease X that has the risk to become the next pandemic in the near future. An advanced measure is undoubtedly needed to account for the issue, hence the emergence of HKLife’s BioRadar® System. As its name suggests, a radar is to detect the unseen enemies in a battlefield; our BioRadar® System targets the unseen pathogens, mutations, toxins and more to serve as the first line of defense to encounter the mentioned harm. HKLife’s BioRadar® System is able to seek the silver lining in this battle.

BioRadar® System is a disruptive technology solely developed by HKLife. It consists of a Bioradar® – G Series and EFADchip® to form a total diagnostics solution and offers Rapid Diagnosis, Broad Detection, Sample-in-Result-out protocol and Cost Reduction.



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  Traditionally, clinical samples are transferred to centralized labs for testing. It takes several days or weeks until the results are available for patients. Patients, therefore, usually miss the gold period of disease treatment. With the growing need for quick tests and the demand for portable and user-friendly testing devices, diagnostic technology revolves once again.

BioRadar® System delivers POCT and drives the transition of healthcare towards de-centralization. When patients visit the clinic, the doctor can collect samples from the patients and analyzed with the BioRadar® System immediately. Test report will be available timely for quick and actionable diagnosis. Moreover, data can be centralized for big data analysis to achieve smart healthcare.


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HKLife’s BioRadar® System exceeds the WHO’s criteria by achieving an extra M, which is, Multiplex.

Most diseases have complex causes and are multifactorial. For example, pneumonia can be caused by a wide array of pathogenic microbes; cancer is also attributed to various causal factors such as viral infection and genetic mutation. To provide a comprehensive detection method, HKLife’s BioRadar® System implements multiplexing to encounter the broad spectrum of disease causes. It is able to detect over 400 types of targets in each run of diagnosis for a more accurate and conclusive outcome. Moreover, a minimum amount of hands-on work, hence less time, labor and cost is required. In any emergency environment, the efficiency of BioRadar® System can seize the critical opportunity for countless lives in desperate need.


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