Core Research Team


Iris HO, BSc   Chip Production Leader - Focus on Chip Production

Ms. Iris Ho is a chemical engineer and received her Bachelor’s degree from Guangdong University of Technology. Before joining HKLife in 2015, she worked at several globally renowned manufacturing enterprises, such as Philips, NXP Semiconductors and Johnson Electric which equipped her with proficient technical and management skills in the production line. Currently, as a Production Leader, she is responsible for the preparation and production of EFADchip®.


Arthur KHAW   Head of Engineering

Mr. Arthur KHAW is a competent engineer with a well-established background. He achieved his master's degree in electrical engineering from Nanyang University in Singapore. He has nearly 30 years of working experience in the field of electrical engineering, especially in the development of micro-control units based application, wearable devices, environmental sensors and robotics. Throughout his career, he has worked in Hong Kong and Singapore, and been granted 17 international patents for his inventions. As the Head of Engineering, Mr. Khaw is currently responsible for the overall development and management of HKlife BioRadar® system.


arthu khaw


Wei LIU, MSc   Assistant R&D Manager - Focus on Research Management 

Ms. Wei Liu received a Master’s degree in phytomolecular pathology from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and a Bachelor’s degree in plant protection science from Shanxi Agricultural University. She has plenty of experience in project management and scientific writing. She joined HKLife in 2014 and is currently appointed as an Assistant R&D Manager to assist CSO in project management and file documentation.

Zheng N, Zhai W, Liu W, Zhang S, Zhang W, Han R, et al. Cotton factors influencing maturation and senescence and control strategies. Plant Physiology Journal. 2014;50(9):1310-4.





Will YANG, PhD   Senior Engineer

Dr. Will YANG graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China specializing in automation, and obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering from City University of Hong Kong. Dr. Yang has over 6 years of experience in microfluidic chip design, and is proficient in micromachining, COMSOL simulation and Matlab programming. Dr. Yang is currently responsible for the development of the microfluidic components of the BioRadar® system.



will yang

Arthur KHAW