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Educates, introduces and integrates DNA-based products and services into people’s daily lives to protect their well-being and peace-of-mind.

HAI KANG LIFE follows international accreditation guidelines and is ISO9001 certified for DNA technology and services. We also fully participate in international proficiency testing schemes, such as that conducted by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). We are strict about the technical quality of our products and services and take all measures to guarantee customer and client satisfaction.

HAI KANG LIFE uses DNA technology to provide reliable parentage test, Relatives Identification Test and Pre-Natal Testing services.

Service Description
Parentage Testing
Parentage testing uses samples from parents and children to determine the authenticity of their genetic relationship. Relationships can also be determined if either of the parents is unavailable for testing (E.g. deceased, overseas, reluctant to participate, etc.) If this is the case, samples from other relatives (E.g. grandparent) can be used.
Relatives Identification Based on the DNA fingerprinting technology, we offer different human identification services to the public, hospital, family doctor, lawyer to deal with the questions of the human identity. E.g. Siblingship can be help to identify the full (same father and same mother) siblingship. Y-chromosome analysis can be used to identify the paternal lineage of 2 males.
DNA Profiling We provide DNA profiling services of the deceased for identification purposes or for people who would like to preserve the DNA profile of the deceased. This service, together with personal DNA profiling, can sometimes be used to settle disputes between the deceased's estate and their alleged sons / daughters to prevent misdistribution of inheritance.
DNA Forensics Services Forensic-DNA profiling is widely used in criminal and civil cases around the world, and has become an established technology. DNA-based genetic analysis has been especially helpful in solving difficult cases such as murder and rape. The technique can also be used to help investigate incidents like car accidents, kidnappings, extortions, assaults, and robberies.
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